Sargam Notation for Saraswati Vandana – ‘Hey Sharde Maa’

Saraswati Vandana - Hey Sharde Maa

Sargam notes for Hey Sharde Maa. “Hey Sharde Maa” is a revered Saraswati Vandana, sung by the renowned devotional song singer Anup Jalota. This melodious bhajan follows the rhythmic pattern of Dadra with 6 beats, denoted as Dha Dhi Na | Dha Ti Na. It is a heartfelt invocation to the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, seeking her blessings and guidance. Anup Jalota’s soulful rendition of this devotional composition captures the essence of devotion and reverence, making it a cherished piece among devotees.

हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ
प पपध धपम, म ममप पमग

अज्ञानता से हमें तार दे माँ
धधधनि निधप प धपमग प प

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