Harmonium Notes for Jai Ganesh Deva – Ganesh Chaturthi Special Aarti

Jai Ganesh Deva harmonium notes

Harmonium notes for Lord Ganesha’s Aarti – “Jai Ganesh… Jai Ganesh… Jai Ganesh Deva”.

Traditionally Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva, is worshipped first among all Gods. Lord Ganesh bestows wisdom and removes all obstacles that might come while performing auspicious work.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of Lord Ganesh to earth with his mother Goddess Parvati.

Taal of this Bhajan is Dadra.

सा सारेरे, ग गगग, ग गमगम रेगरे
जय गणेश, जय गणेश, जय गणेश देवा

ऩिऩि साऩि रेरे-रेसा, गग रेसा सासा
माता जाकी पार्वती, पिता महादेवा

सासाप़ सागरे
सासाप़ सागमप​

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