Mere Man Mein Bhi Ram

The Ram bhajan “Mere Tan Mein Bhi Ram” was penned by Surindra Verma and composed by Varinder Bachchan around two decades ago. This devotional song is perfect for bhajan kirtan because of its easy rhyming scheme. It invites audience participation and encourages them to repeat the chant and sing along.

रेसा ऩि॒सा रे सा सा
Mere Tan Mein Bhi Ram

रेसा ऩि॒सा रे सा सा
Mere Man Mein Bhi Ram

सारे रेम म मगग
Rom Rom Mein Samaya

रेसा ऩि॒सा सारे
Tera Naam Re

रेसा प़ऩि॒ ऩि॒
Meri Saanson Mein

  ऩि॒सारे सा ऩि॒सा सा
Tera Hi Naam Re

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