Use Khairiyat Se Rakhna | Arijit Singh | Gadar 2

Use Khairiyat Se Rakhna

Notes for “Use Khairiyat Se Rakhna” – a soulful new song sung by Arijit Singh for the highly anticipated movie “Gadar 2.” Starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, the song’s emotive lyrics and heart-touching melody promise to captivate audiences, invoking nostalgia and creating anticipation for the film’s release. With Arijit Singh’s heartfelt rendition and the chemistry between the lead actors, “Use Khairiyat Se Rakhna” is destined to become a chartbuster and leave a lasting impact on music enthusiasts worldwide.

Please note that Avagraha (ऽ) is a symbol used to indicate the prodelision of an अ (a) in the Indian classical music system.

Basically “ऽ” is used for having pauses in the words.

ऩि सा ऩिसा सा साग-गरे
ऐ दो जहां के माऽलिक

रे रे साग रेसासा
सुन ले मेरी ग़ुज़ारिश

ऩिसा ऩिसा सा ग-रेगमगरे
मेरे जिगर के टुक-ड़ेऽऽऽऽ

रे रे-साग रे सासा
के वास्ते ये ख्वाहिश

सा पप ग प गसाप प
वो जहां भी जिस जगह हो

पप पध प म गमम-गरे
तेरा हाथ सर पे रखनाऽऽ

साप प प प-गमप प
हर दम हर घड़ीऽऽ हाँ

सा पप धप गमम-गमरे
तू फिकर उसकी करना-ऽऽऽ

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