Vande Maatram – National Song of India

Vande Maatram

Indian classical music notation for the National Song of India – “Vande Maatram” written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

It is based on Raag Desh (Thaat – Khamaj).
The Taal of Vande Maatram is Keherwa.

Vande Maataram
सारे मपमप

Vande Maataram
मप निसांनिसां

Sujalaam Sufalaam
सांरेंनि॒-धप पधम-गरे

Malayaj Sheetalaam
रेपम गरे-गसा

Sasyashyaamalaam Maataram
सारे-मपमप पनि॒धप

Vande Maataram
मप निसांनिसां

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